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Living with ME/CFS, POTS, endometriosis, and hashimoto’s.

Becoming a Wheelchair User

I am very proud and excited to introduce Wilma! My new, custom wheelchair. Realizing I needed a mobility aid It was quite a long process to get approved or a wheelchair. First, I had to get over my own internalized ableism and the stigma surround wheelchair users and admit that using a wheelchair would beContinue reading “Becoming a Wheelchair User”

Believe Patients!

Too often I see videos of my chronically ill friends crying in the car after leaving a doctors appointment, frustrated, angry, upset, and hopeless because they were ignored and invalidated yet again. I love that they show the raw reality of what often happens when you have chronic illness but I hate that we haveContinue reading “Believe Patients!”

An Open Letter to Dr. Koroshetz – The NIH Response is #NotEnough4ME

I have myalgic encephalomyelitis, more easily known as ME. Dr. Koroshetz – this is my response to your letter to ME action regarding the NIH’s failure to provide real, meaningful funding and action for ME. The NIH is failing people with ME. Your response to ME Action’s demands isn’t enough. I used to work inContinue reading “An Open Letter to Dr. Koroshetz – The NIH Response is #NotEnough4ME”

What do I know about pain?

What do I know about pain? I know that I followed the example set by doctors and minimized and trivialized my pain. I walked for months after sustaining a traumatic ankle injury that required surgery. That experience taught me to listen to my body and be mindful of my pain.

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I’m a 31-year-old Maryland girl who loves travel, books, dogs, cats, family, friends, sports and living well.

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