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Living with ME/CFS, POTS, endometriosis, and hashimoto’s.

Coronavirus & Marginalized Communities: We shouldn’t have to beg for you to care about us

This has been a particularly difficult week for me, with the spread of COVID-19 triggering other issues I have had trouble processing. I have actually started to improve with my M.E. symptoms and was feeling optimistic that maybe I could progress to being a mild case again, rather than being mostly housebound with moderate M.E.Continue reading “Coronavirus & Marginalized Communities: We shouldn’t have to beg for you to care about us”

Becoming a Wheelchair User

I am very proud and excited to introduce Wilma! My new, custom wheelchair. Realizing I needed a mobility aid It was quite a long process to get approved or a wheelchair. First, I had to get over my own internalized ableism and the stigma surround wheelchair users and admit that using a wheelchair would beContinue reading “Becoming a Wheelchair User”

Believe Patients!

Too often I see videos of my chronically ill friends crying in the car after leaving a doctors appointment, frustrated, angry, upset, and hopeless because they were ignored and invalidated yet again. I love that they show the raw reality of what often happens when you have chronic illness but I hate that we haveContinue reading “Believe Patients!”

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I’m a 31-year-old Maryland girl who loves travel, books, dogs, cats, family, friends, sports and living well.

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