Well Whitney

Healing from ME/CFS, EDS, endometriosis,

and a collection of comorbid conditions

Why Well Whitney?

I’ve gone through a few iterations of this blog with different names associated. I’m a fan of alliteration. I want to make it personal and attach my first name, because this is my story and my experience. It’s important to note that no two people experience illness the same way – even with the same diagnosis. I chose the phrase Well Whitney for it’s double meaning. First, that I am working towards wellness while figuring what wellness looks like for me as a disabled and chronically ill woman. Second, well can be used as an exclamation in so many different ways! It can be used to express emotions like surprise, anger or relief. It can be used to introduce a change of subject. It can be used to indicate that you’re waiting for a response. It’s a simple, yet versatile word.

My experience with chronic illness and disability

Sharing my experiences being undiagnosed for decades, navigating disability, and living with chronic illness. My collection of conditions includes: ME/CFS, EDS, POTS, AAI, MCAS, primary immunodeficiency, endometriosis, migraine, neuropathy, and more.


Sharing my advocacy work with the #MEAction Maryland Chapter.

Lists and Helpful Tips

Sharing products and services that have helped me on my healing journey.


Whitney Fox is a disabled advocate, professional patient, avid learner, gamer, cat lady, dog mom, and wife based in Maryland.

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Reach out on social media or submit the form below to reach out! Please be mindful that my disabilities and chronic illness do not allow for prompt replies.

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