Becoming a Wheelchair User

I am very proud and excited to introduce Wilma! My new, custom wheelchair. Realizing I needed a mobility aid It was quite a long process to get approved or a wheelchair. First, I had to get over my own internalized ableism and the stigma surround wheelchair users and admit that using a wheelchair would beContinue reading “Becoming a Wheelchair User”

Chronic Illness & the Stages of Grief

Recently, I was talking to my therapist about how much I want to get back to my “old life” and the “old me,” but I don’t think that will ever happen and asked her how can I accept that? How can I make adjustments so that I can still live a good life without feelingContinue reading “Chronic Illness & the Stages of Grief”

An Open Letter to Dr. Koroshetz – The NIH Response is #NotEnough4ME

I have myalgic encephalomyelitis, more easily known as ME. Dr. Koroshetz – this is my response to your letter to ME action regarding the NIH’s failure to provide real, meaningful funding and action for ME. The NIH is failing people with ME. Your response to ME Action’s demands isn’t enough. I used to work inContinue reading “An Open Letter to Dr. Koroshetz – The NIH Response is #NotEnough4ME”